Touriñán: the last ray of sunlight

Touriñán overlooks the seaTwice a year, at the beginning of spring and the end of summer, Cape Touriñán becomes the last shadow for the sunset in continental Europe.

The natural position of this headland that juts out impassively one kilometer into the Atlantic Ocean means it is where the last ray of sunlight sinks into the water in continental Europe. Two and a half months to enjoy a symbolic sunset on this wild stretch of A Costa da Morte. This is a lonely place – hence its beauty.

Lighthouse at Cape Touriñán

After the spring equinox, from 21 March to 25 April, and again from 13 August to 22 September, Cape Touriñán is an excellent balcony to witness the finis solis. You don’t have to do anything special to make the most of the moment, just come here at the right time.  

The situation of Cape Touriñán, at 9 degrees, 17 minutes and 53 seconds longitude west, endows it with this natural privilege. Cape Touriñán takes over from Cape Roca in Portugal, and then gives way to Vardetangen in Norway, as it is explained by Jorge Mira Pérez, Professor of Applied Physics (University of Santiago de Compostela - Galicia) and author of the study "Analysis of sunset lines in western Europe". It is the westernmost point in peninsular Spain. 

The route from the town of Muxía to Cape Touriñán is roughly 17 kilometers along the coastline. Walking it is an excellent opportunity to discover this abrupt and harsh shore in person, with its soft vegetation that endures the wild Atlantic winds.

Birdwatching: If you visit Cape Touriñán from September to November, it will be possible to watch numerous migratory birds.



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